Offsite Construction: Osco Homes

Projects:       Development of safe systems of work within manufacturing facility and conducting
                     site audits

Sector:          Housing

Safety Smart was first appointed by Osco Homes, a wholly owned subsidiary of Procure Plus Holdings Ltd in August 2016. At a recent review it was agreed that that the partnership will continue with an increase in the level of support provided. We couldn’t be happier about this.

You cannot help but be aware of the current housing crisis and there is little doubt that offsite construction potentially has a key role to play in helping solve the crisis. With a number of our clients within the offsite construction field, it is an area we are keen to continue our involvement in.

Osco Homes work on the ethos that everyone should be able to afford a home and as such have developed a new, fairer way of developing homes, providing the market at a cost directly related to the build cost as opposed to the market opportunity. Their innovative, production based approach means that high quality housing is delivered faster and at lower cost than traditional methods.

In addition to the cost benefits, the scheme fulfils a valuable role from a CSR perspective. A significant proportion of the off-site work is carried out at Hindley Prison with a view to providing vocational training for young offenders, in turn providing a strong progression route and enabling employability chances upon release.

Safety Smart will be offering assistance with all Health & Safety aspects of Osco’s forthcoming projects. A key responsibility is to work as part of the management team to develop safe systems of work for the offsite manufacturing facilities. This is to include visits to the facility within Hindley Prison as well as site audits on the housing development sites themselves. 

In addition, we will be offering support with all aspects of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. We will be providing staff training where necessary and developing policies and procedures as appropriate in order to assist staff as much as possible (work at height, working with electricity, asbestos, CDM 2015).

Safety Smart’s Director, Anthony Tetlow comments:

“Osco Homes are a forward thinking company whose construction methods clearly demonstrate the advantages of offsite construction. Their build process is unique and extremely well thought out and the methods are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. From a social value point of view, you can’t put a price on what they are doing for young offenders. It’s a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with Osco on such a worthwhile scheme”.

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